Azure AD Connector - Tradecloud Configuration

This page describes the configurations needed on Tradecloud side to allow users to login using Azure AD

This configuration will be added by Tradecloud support.

Frontend Configuration

Get the name of the enterprise connection added in step and then add its mapping in file src/app/auth/routes/login/state/sso.connections.ts .

Currently, src/app/auth/routes/login/state/sso.connections.ts has the following mappings

const ssoMap: SsoConnectionMap = {
'': 'tradecloud2-local',
'': 'tradecloud1test',
'': 'tradecloud-accp',
'': 'tradecloud1prod',

Here keys are the email domains and the values are the enterprise connections

Microservices Configuration

Similar configuration needs to be added to the application.conf in both authentication and user microservices. Here is what the configuration looks like

sso {
domainMapping { = "06893bba-e131-4268-87c9-7fae64e16ee9" = "06893bba-e131-4268-87c9-7fae64e16ee9" = "06893bba-e131-4268-87c9-7fae64e16ee9" = "06893bba-e131-4268-87c9-7fae64e16ee9"

Here keys are the email domains and the values are the company ids

path of application.conf in authentication microservice - authentication/src/main/resources/application.conf

path of application.conf in user microservice - user/src/main/resources/application.conf