Configure the webhook

Configure your webhook in the Tradecloud1 portal

Select Webhook

As a company admin configure the webhook in your company settings on the Tradecloud1 platform:

  • Select My team in the menu below your avatar.

  • Select Settings in the page menu.

  • Select Webhook in the Integration section.

Select events to receive

A default set of events will be enabled. The actual set you want to receive wil be dependent on the capabilities of your integration and ERP system.

Configure method, url and credentials

  • Select GET, POST or PUT as HTTP method.

  • Enter your webhook URL.

    • https is required.

    • use {orderId} or {legacyOrderId} variables in the URL in case of GET method.

  • Enter either Basic authentication username and password or a static Bearer token.

Use {orderId} when you use API version 2 on Use {legacyOrderId} when you use API version 1 on

You can test webhook triggers using Use bogus username and password.