API rules check list

Your integration must follow these rules.

Tradecloud will review your integration in the acceptance test environment before going live.

Support the Tradecloud standards

Your integration must support the Tradecloud standards.

Pitfall: JSON syntax does not assign any significance to the ordering of name/value pairs.

Support forward compatibility

Your integration must support forward compatibility.


Identifier examples are:

  • supplierAccountNumber

  • buyerAccountNumber

  • purchaseOrderNumber

  • destination.code

  • position

  • item.number

  • deliverySchedule.position

  • salesOrderNumber

  • salesOrderPosition


  • contact.userName

Identifiers must be unique and immutable

Your identifiers

  • must be unique

  • must never change

  • must never be reassigned

Identifiers must not contain whitespace characters

Your identifiers must not contain whitespace characters.

Connections must be configured

The account number should be set on forehand in the Tradecloud connection with your supplier or buyer. You can set the account code when inviting a new connection or at any time in the connection overview in the portal.

Sending orders or order responses

Send orders or responses sequential

Send the next order or response when the previous one has been responded with HTTP Status Code 200

Do not send more than 10 requests per second.

Tradecloud may respond with HTTP Status Code 429 Too Many Requests

Only send new or changed orders or order responses

Only send an order or order response that either is new or has an actual change

The order or order response should only contain new or changed lines

The order or order response should only contain order lines that are new or changed. Sending an unchanged order line could trigger an unexpected line status change in Tradecloud.

Never send all orders or responses periodically

Never resend all or all active orders or responses periodically.

Orders and lines

As buyer your integration should not change the order destination or line item when updating an order. If you wish to change the order destination, or a line item, either:

  • Discuss this with your supplier through the chat function in the Portal. If your supplier agrees, update the order(line) accordingly through your integration.

  • Cancel the order(line) and create a new order(line) with the alternative destination or item.

Your integration must support a line delivery schedule with multiple schedule lines when sending or receiving an order, response or event. If your ERP does not support a delivery schedule in an order line, this will conflict with split lines that may be sent back by your supplier. You can either:

  • Map the delivery schedule lines that come in on ERP order lines in your integration.

  • Aggregate Tradecloud's delivery schedule lines that are sent by your supplier as they come in, but never send an update regarding the delivery schedule after the order was created.

  • Reject any supplier proposal or reopen request with split delivery lines.

Your integration must support the other party may add or remove a delivery schedule line.

Upload a document or image

Your integration should only upload doucments and images with supported Media Types and File Extensions:

Attach a document

Receive goods

Complete an order

Reopen an order

Cancel an order